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Distributor Pupuk organik,  Jual pupuk organik cair,  Jual Pupuk Cair,  Pestisida organik Cair,  NPK rganik Cair,
Distributor Pupuk organik, Jual pupuk organik cair, Jual Pupuk Cair, Pestisida organik Cair, NPK rganik Cair,

CMD ( Concentrated Mineral Drops)

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Specification:Health Info: " Preventing Much Better than a cure. "

Concentrated Mineral Drops

Is a health supplement products of the type of mineral. CMD is a liquid, containing minerals are concentrated. Kepekatannya 55x fold compared to the mineral content of sea water. CMD comes from a lake that has been aged thousands of years, namely: the Great Salt Lake in Utah, United States. In the CMD does not involve the manufacture of chemical compounds at all, just relying on natural processes ( change of seasons) . So it takes about 2 years. That' s why it is natural CMD of safe consumption for both short and long term. CMD contains 44 types of minerals in a state of complete, balanced, and are ionic ( easily absorbed) . This is the excess of CMD compared with other mineral supplement products on the market.

10 Reasons why we should drink CMD:

Complete: Consists of macro and micro minerals. Namely: magnesium, calcium, chloride, sulfur, chromium, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc, etc..
Ionic: Easily absorbed by the body quickly.
Clean and pure: Extracted from the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. The lake is very high salinity so that no bacterial life. CMD obtain halal certificate from IFANCA ( Council of Ulama in America) .
Natural ( Natural) : No laboratory-made products, but from the lake water is processed and has dibuangcocok for patients with hypertension. CMD officially registered dibadan POM RI. 99, 5% salt content. Because it' s CMD
Balanced: Not only complete but also balanced. This is important because the minerals will attract or repel each other thus creating a dynamic balance that can help transport food substances and the direction of the nerve centers of the body.
Concentrated / Concentrate: Kepekatannya 55x of the mineral content of sea water and is far higher than any other mineral products.
Easy: Easy to use. Simply dripped on food, beverages or your dishes.
Multi Function. CMD reactions in the body are: remove toxins from the blood and intestines, producing power, strengthen bones and teeth
Restoring the body of metabolic acidosis: CMD work neutralize substances that are not needed by the body ( the cause of aging and illness) . CMD is not a cure for diseases but if consumed regularly will gradually reduce the buildup of substances that are not needed by the body so the body becomes healthy.
Testimony ( witness) : Thousands and thousands of testimonials from the Americas and Asia prove that CMD is very beneficial in helping our health. Powerful ....! ! !

The main benefit CMD:

Bones: helping solve the problem of osteoporosis ( bone loss) , joints ( pain-linu2x) and the recovery process fractures.
Muscles: helping solve the problem of muscle fatigue, cramps, often semuten ( gringgingen) . Every muscle activity always need minerals. Including the heart muscle.
Nerves: serves as a nerve transmitter. Very good for people: stroke ( paralysis> cholesterol, diabetes, gout) , insomnia, migraine ( headache side) , vertigo ( spinning dizziness) , difficulty concentrating ( easily forgotten) .
( Difficulty sleeping)
Increase metabolism: CMD serves as a catalyst ( accelerating) the metabolic processes in the body, so as to generate stamina quickly. Complete as any nutrients that enter the body ( carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins) if the body lacks minerals, the nutrients will be slow processed, poorly absorbed and removed by the body. The result will be useless. Sample / symptoms of slow metabolism in the body are: obesity, constipation ( due next: pile) , ngantukan, of weakness ( less passionate) , easily tired.

You know, without minerals vitamins can not be absorbed by the body! So the role of minerals is very important in life. This is confirmed by Dr.. Linus Pauling, recipient of two Nobel Prize:

" You can relate some of the diseases caused by mineral deficiency. "

Another benefit of CMD ( based on empirical events in the field) , helping to overcome:

Diabetes, cholesterol, and uric acid.
Gastritis, typhoid, constipation, and hemorrhoids.
Canker sores, toothache, and acute tonsillitis.
Cysts, breast cancer, kidney, kidney stones, and gallstones.
Allergies ( chronic cough, sneezing, itching and shortness of breath / asthma) .
Patients with drug ( nerve and energy recovery) .
Acne / black spots, sores / ulcers, eczema, and cataracts.
Fertilize the woman' s womb and increase the vitality of man.

In some cases in the field, in helping to resolve complaints of illness, CMD can be combined with other products.

How to Drink:

Can be drunk before / after meals. Preferably before meals in order to more optimally absorbed by the intestine. Mixed ( dropped) into the water, tea, coffee, milk, juice, ice, ready-made dishes ( soup, vegetable nodes) , etc.. CMD can be taken with prescribed drugs or supplements / herbs / other herbs which are being consumed. There is no contradiction, it will accelerate the reaction of prescribed drugs or supplements / herbs / herb that is being consumed it. Remember, one of the benefits of CMD is as a catalyst, SPEED METABOLISM.

Dose of use:

Body weight ( BW) divided by 6, 3x a day. Example: weight 60 kg, thus: 60 divided by 6 = 10. Drinking, 10 drops of the morning, 10 drops of daylight, and 10 drops of the night. Or, if you do not have time to 2x a day 3x a day, namely: 15 drops morning and 15 drops of the night. The important day total: 30 drops.

Who needs CMD?

Pregnant and lactating mothers, for fetal growth and a better quality of breast milk.
Children and adolescents in its infancy, to enhance immunity ( immune system) .
Adults who have a high activity every day ( employees, unions, inter-city drivers, soldiers, police and other hard workers) .
Parents and older people to maintain fitness.
Students for stamina while learning, lectures, lab work and exams.
Athletes to power with a very fast recovery time to practice and compete.
Diet / slimming, vegetarian, and the people fasted.

Profile CMD
Packaged in a bottle, contents: 30 cc, containing ± 800 drops.
Price: Rp. 75.000, - per vial.

Get a guidebook about the bonus for every purchase of 1 bottle of CMD CMD ( for persesdiaan still there) .

Get 1 bottle of CMD is also a bonus for every purchase of 10 bottles directly CMD, apply multiples. This bonus applies every month just for the first 10 buyers.

Price does not include customs sent to all regions in Indonesia.

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